Curriculum Statement


At Melton we have devised a curriculum for Melton children. Our children are taught a highly stimulating curriculum which embraces the historical and geographical features of the local area. Coverage is both broad and balanced to ensure our children acquire a depth of knowledge that prepares them for future learning.


Coverage will meet statutory requirements but will also inspire our learners and ensure skills and competences continue to be developed alongside knowledge and understanding.

Children are encouraged and taught to follow ‘The Melton Way’:  Perseverance      Responsibility       Courage        Reflection

Our learning environment is at the heart of learning. It provides a safe and stimulating space for the children to feel confident when facing new challenges.

Our curriculum is driven by quality texts which provide the stimuli for thinking, questioning and exploring across all subjects.

Lessons focus on contextualised learning through play and first hand experiences but will provide opportunity for the acquisition, application and mastering of key basic skills in English and Mathematics across the whole curriculum.

Learning focuses on developing skills. Children have time and opportunity to hone their skills through a ‘depth’ approach.

Our focus for learning is child-led to promote interest and a desire to extend their own learning in school and beyond.


Our children  thrive and develop into self-assured, confident individuals who carry exceptionally positive attitudes to learning as they move through education.

Our children  take huge pride in their work and display a keenness to share their successes both inside and outside of school.

Our children  have respect for themselves and high self-esteem in order that they can self-reflect critically to improve the quality of their work.

Our children  show respect to adults and their peers. They  value their local environment and the world around them.

We  equip our learners with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they will need to succeed in life.

To find out more about our curriculum, please speak to your child’s class teacher or to Emma Mann (Assistant Headteacher, Teaching and Learning).