Design Technology

Design and technology curriculum statement


At Melton we have devised the Design Technology curriculum for Melton children. Our intention is that every pupil is inspired by using their increasing knowledge alongside creative and imaginative skills to plan, make and evaluate products that could be used in real-life contexts in school and at home. We encourage all our children to be practical and develop their problem solving ability to consider a wide range of solutions to challenging tasks. Our children will embrace the challenges and solutions presented in the local area.


Coverage will meet statutory requirements but will also inspire our learners and ensure skills and competences continue to be developed alongside knowledge and understanding.  We aim to do this through a range of styles such as independent and class activities. Each teaching sequence will ensure each part of the design process (design, make, evaluate, technical knowledge) is followed to ensure children understand the skills needed to design a product.

  • The Design Technology curriculum will allow children to design and make real products that they are responsible for and provide them with the confidence to persevere in line with ‘The Melton Way’.
  • All children at Melton will develop a confidence for risk-taking in order to self-reflect and learn from their experiences.
  • We will encourage children to be team-players whilst co-operating and collaborating with others.
  • Children at Melton will develop a curious and innovative nature when solving problems.
  • Our children are taught to use these skills and apply them in preparation for the constantly evolving technological world.
  • Design Technology will inspire children to think about potential future careers in the Design technology world.


  • All year groups participated in STEM Engineering Week. Each class were given various activities to provide children with the key skills needed to engage successfully in STEM subjects such as problem-solving, creativity, communication and technical. Activities included lollipop stick catapults, making an object that “flinks”, making a zip line ping pong and building spaghetti towers.
  • A whole school approach making Eco- bricks. This is an on-going project. An eco-brick is a building block made entirely from un-recyclable plastic. The children will use this bricks to make a piece of furniture for outside.
  • KS1 had a visit from a local Bakery. This linked well to their topic ‘My Melton’. They were able to taste various types of bread and think about what they liked and disliked. All children made a design plan for making bread including ingredients and tools. Finally, each class visited a local Tide Mill. On the trip they learnt about the process of bread making and how wheat is turned into flour. They used the local flour within their recipe.
  • In KS2 all children had the opportunity to make homework projects linked to their current topic of World War 2. Pupils designed their projects using various different media.