Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Melton Community Primary School

We believe in creating a positive and caring environment which promotes high expectations of all children. Our ethos is to embrace the culture and character of the Melton village community while preparing the children for a world beyond.  Learning in school is underpinned by four key characteristics; reflection, courage, responsibility and perseverance.

At Melton, we strongly believe that children learn best from being able to access a wide range of opportunities. We have devised a curriculum specifically for our children which embraces the historical and geographical features of the local area. Coverage is both broad and balanced to ensure our children acquire a depth of knowledge that prepares them for future learning. Throughout, we endeavour to make learning a real experience, allowing children to take ownership of their own learning.

We have a genuine open door policy which develops positive relationships and encourages visits from parents, existing or prospective at any point during the year.

We look forward to welcoming you into Melton Primary School.

Caroline Richardson