Royal Recognition

Puffins Class have been getting to grips with the royal family by meeting the Queen’s representative in the county. The children have been learning more about the monarchy and the countries that make up the UK. As part of their studies the students were tasked with creating a portrait of the Queen. Miss Jones was so impressed by the work that she decided to ask a special visitor to the school to come and see the work they put them out on display in a special gallery at the school. Last Thursday, the pupils were visited by Lady Euston, the Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk and the Queen’s representative in the county. As part of the visit the pupils made flags so that they could welcome Lady Euston as she arrived. After arriving at the school Lady Euston was given a tour by Learning Ambassadors. She then returned to the Puffin Class to be interviewed by the pupils. Lady Euston also took the time to look over the gallery of pictures which are now back in the classroom.

As well as getting to meet with the Lord Lieutenant the pupils also visited Framlingham Castle to see what it would be like to be a king or queen and have written a letter to Her Majesty the Queens and are now waiting for her reply.

Having now changed topics the students in Puffin Class are now moving on to learn about Queen Victoria.