At Melton it is our intention that every pupil, irrelevant of needs, develops the knowledge, understanding, attitudes, values and skills that they will need in order to realise their potential as individuals, within the School, the Melton Community and provide confidence to go out into the wider world.


At Melton Primary PHSE will be an integral part of your child’s education, with other subjects we take an enquiry-based approach to curriculum planning.  As a result, we have grouped the learning opportunities across the Core Themes: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, Living the Wider World to form termly or half-termly topics, each of which responds to a ‘big question’.

These are designed to help the children to begin to understand their own physical, emotional and social development.  It helps to prepare them to play an active role as citizens and there is a major emphasis on developing respect for themselves and other people.    The overarching key questions act as the topic titles and can be easily shared with both pupils and parents to explain what the pupils, in each year group, will be learning about that half term.  These have been selected to reflect the context of the school and local community, address the pupils’ needs and stages of development and build logically year on year.  When it is appropriate lessons are linked to the class topics.

As well as discreet lessons PHSE is also taught through whole school and class assemblies.


The impact on children at Melton is evident on a daily basis.  Children are able to use the skills of the Melton Way, which are firmly embedded, enabling them to remove barriers to learning; allowing them to take risks, deal with new situations, participate in the local community, recover from mistakes and enjoy daily life.

Participating in National, local and ‘in school’ fundraising our children learn the value of money, take responsibility and help their local community.

As a result of opportunities such as: the festival of happiness, forest schools, thrive, PGL, Sports Leaders, Bikeability, Crucial Crew, school visits and any other chances that are extended to them, our children  thrive and develop into self-assured, confident individuals who carry exceptionally positive attitudes to learning as they move through education.

Having the opportunity to become a School Learning Ambassador, part of the Melton Online Safety Team or to become a Sports Leader ensures our children have respect for themselves and high self-esteem and are able to take responsibility.

These skills and attributes ensure Melton children stay healthy, safe and prepare them for life and work in modern Britain as well as being able to achieve their academic potential, and leave school equipped with skills they will need throughout later life.