At Melton we are dedicated to supporting all our young people to be happy, healthy and safe. Equipping them for life as an adult in British society. Our aim is to ensure that each of our pupils holistically develops the knowledge, skills and attributes to keep themselves safe and healthy to play a positive and respectful role within an ever-changing society.

We encourage our children to be curious about their own place in the world through questions, discussions, explorations, and active learning. Our supportive school environment offers children a smaller version of the world in which to be curious about and celebrate the complexities of human relationships and society as a whole. We actively encourage children to explore their own and others’ ideas to develop their understanding of society’s conventions. We provide the opportunity to understand and develop respect for the diversity of life to prepare them for the wider world as they grow up and face new, challenging and evolving situations.

We recognise the sensitive nature of PSHE learning and respect the fact that every child will have had their own unique and varied life experiences to date. To this end we establish a non-judgmental environment of safety, confidentiality and respect to offer all children the freedom and opportunity to share and develop their own thoughts, ideas and opinions about challenging topics. PSHE underpins all aspects of learning and as such is carefully woven into all opportunities (planned and unplanned) throughout the school’s curriculum provision and school life as a whole to offer an embedded ethos of curiosity, confidence and respect for all.


At Melton we base our PSHE curriculum on the Kapow scheme which is designed to respect pupils’ previous and current experiences as a basis for preparing them for their future. The Kapow Programme of Study therefore provides a spiral curriculum to ensure progression of knowledge, skills and attributes, where prior learning is revisited, reinforced and extended year on year throughout their primary school career.

The DFE signposts learning opportunities spread across three core themes: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, and Living in the Wider World as their only national programme of study to incorporate the statutory elements of RSHE. However the Kapow Programme of Study identifies a broad range of important topics – Health & Wellbeing, Family & Friendships, Safety, Citizenship, Economic Wellbeing, The Changing Body & Transition – which are delivered in termly units through a series of videos, discussions and activities, with emphasis on utilising practical learning approaches to free the children to explore their thoughts and feelings.

Assessment takes place at the start of each unit to establish their current knowledge with a self-reflection activity at the end for the children to reflect on the development of their knowledge and understanding.

At Melton our scheme addresses the following:

  • Promoting good health
  • Valuing families and different family structures
  • Creating and maintaining positive friendships
  • Developing safe and respectful relationships
  • Operating safely in a digital world and carrying out first aid
  • Learning to make independent choices without influence
  • Understanding the changes that take place during puberty
  • Preparation for and coping with change in school and beyond

As well as discreet lessons PHSE is also taught through whole school and class assemblies.


The impact on children at Melton is evident on a daily basis.  Children are able to use the skills of the Melton Way, which are firmly embedded, enabling them to remove barriers to learning; allowing them to take risks, deal with new situations, participate in the local community, recover from mistakes and enjoy daily life.

As a result of opportunities such as:  Forest schools, thrive, Residentials, Bikeability, Sports Leaders, school visits and any other chances that are extended to them, our children thrive and develop into self-assured, confident individuals who carry exceptionally positive attitudes to learning as they move through education.

Having the opportunity to become a School Learning Ambassador, part of the Melton School Councillor or to become a Sports Leader ensures our children have respect for themselves and high self-esteem and are able to take responsibility.

These skills and attributes ensure Melton children stay healthy, safe and prepare them for life and work in modern Britain as well as being able to achieve their academic potential, and leave school equipped with skills they will need throughout later life.

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PSHE- Personal, Social & Health Education

RSE- Relationship & Sex Education