At Melton we have devised a maths curriculum for Melton children guided by the NCTEM Prioritisation Curriculum. Coverage is both broad and balanced to ensure our children acquire a depth of knowledge that prepares them for future learning. All our children are taught through a maths mastery approach where progress is coherent and provides a variety of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations. This will enable children to build robust foundations on which to apply new learning. Every child is exposed to challenging experiences which develop a growth mindset and enable them to achieve their fullest potential. 


Coverage will meet statutory requirements but will also inspire our learners and ensure skills and competences continue to be developed, alongside knowledge and understanding. This is achieved by: 

  • Delivering a clearly planned programme of progression across all year groups with flexibility to adapt and meet pupils’ needs. 
  • Developing every child’s self-esteem and confidence through securing the principles of the Melton Way within mathematical concepts. 
  • Teaching children to use a wide range of mathematical manipulatives, models and strategies to solve real life mathematical problems. 
  • Developing fun and active learning by making our stimulating outdoor spaces accessible to all. 
  • Embracing the use of ICT to enhance understanding and develop the application of mathematical skills and knowledge. 
  • Exposing children to a variety of creative approaches for solving problems. 
  • Applying maths skills and knowledge to real life scenarios. 


Variation within opportunities for mathematical practice helps children to ‘see’ the maths in different concepts rather than just  ‘doing it’. 

Use of consistent representations throughout year groups and the prioritisation of concrete and pictorial approaches to scaffold learning of abstract methods allowing children to develop stronger conceptual understanding and form secure links between learning. 

Regular teaching and practising of core number facts has developed numeracy-automaticity and reduced the amount of time that children have to spend calculating and can therefore focus on exploring new conceptual understanding further. 

Daily times tables teaching has increased the rapid recall of multiplication number facts. Children are increasingly engaged by the challenge of times tables, particularly in the use of Times Table Rockstars, and are applying times tables facts to develop wider understanding in maths. This is enabling them to learn new concepts at an increased pace. 

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