School Uniform

Our school uniform policy is laid out below.

To order school uniform please click here

To order PE uniform please click here. (Winter hats and school coats are also available via this link.)

If you have queries regarding your PE uniform order, please use the following email address:

We have a selection of second hand uniform, available free. This will be displayed in the school entrance for the first two weeks of each half term – please help yourself.

Uniform (Nursery)

  • Comfortable clothing in which children can be active (no skirts, dresses or strappy tops please)
  • Sensible shoes such as trainers (no sandals please) 
  • A green nursery t-shirt can be ordered via EcoTees (please email

Uniform (Reception)

  • Black leggings, shorts or jogging bottoms (no skirts or dresses please)
  • Plain white polo top (no strappy tops please) 
  • Plain black trainers
  • Jade school sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo (click here to order)

Uniform (Years 1 – 6)

  • Grey trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore dress. (Trousers should be tailored school trousers and not jogging bottoms or other sports/fashion wear)
  • White polo shirt, shirt or blouse
  • Green and white gingham or striped dress
  • Jade school sweatshirt or cardigan bearing the school logo (click here to order)
  • Sensible shoes (not trainers). These should be:
    • Flat, low-heeled shoes
    • A plain, dark colour (preferably black)
    • Fitted (i.e. not loose heeled), securely fastened to the foot
    • Socks should be worn at all times
  • Grey or white  socks/tights

Long hair should be tied back whenever possible, especially for PE.

All belongings should be named.

School bags should be of a sensible size as cloakroom space is limited.

Make-up and nail varnish should not be worn. Small stud earrings only which must be removed for PE and swimming.

‘Exotic’ hairstyles and colouring is not suitable for school.

PE Uniform (Reception to Year 6)

Children will be assigned a house team with associated colour (please check with your child’s teacher if you are unsure which house they are in). Children should come into school in their PE uniform on days that they have PE or a sports club. The PE uniform consists of:

  • Black jogger bottoms or leggings with the school logo in the child’s house colour*
  • Black shorts with the school logo in the child’s house colour*
  • A t-shirt in the child’s house colour
  • Black hoodie with the school logo in the child’s house colour.

*Plain black jogger bottoms, leggings or shorts are also permitted but should be entirely black and without other logos, stripes etc.

Please click here to purchase PE uniform.