Update information for families due to Covid-19

Friday 26th February 2021

 Full School Reopening Monday 8th March 2021

Dear Parents and carers,

We are delighted to be able to welcome all children back to school on Monday 8th March 2021. We have been working hard to put together a plan that meets Government guidance and are now in a position to be able to share the procedures that will be in place.

All children are expected to attend school unless they are unable to attend in line with public health advice to self-isolate because:

  • they have symptoms or have had a positive test result
  • a member of their household (including someone in their support bubble or childcare bubble if they have one) has coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms
  • they are a close contact of someone who has coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • they are required to quarantine having recently visited countries outside the Common Travel Area


We will operating a rolling start: You will be able to bring your child(ren) to school any time between 8.55 and 9.20am. However, to make this work safely and effectively, we ask you not to arrive before 9.10 unless you need to for your own work requirements. We have introduced this system to support more families. However, if it does not work successfully, we will revert to scheduled drop-off times.

End of the day pick up will be staggered for family groups in a similar way to the system in place during the Autumn Term. pick-up is scheduled into two groups. Your family has been assigned to a group based on your eldest child’s class (these are the same groups that operated in the Autumn Term). This has been designed so that the oldest children attend for the longest day. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering strictly to your allotted times.


Your family is in this group if your eldest child is in:Finish time
Red GroupOwls or Penguins3:30pm
Blue GroupWoodpeckers, Eagles or Parrots3:15pm
Yellow GroupPuffins or Robins3:15pm

You will be required to show your group card on entry at the end of the day. If you have misplaced your card, please request a new one when you arrive on Monday 8th.

To enable social distancing, there will be a one way system in place with parents dropping children at their classrooms as they pass. Entry to the school grounds will be via the Dock Lane entrance only and exit will be via the Melton Road pedestrian gate or Wilford Bridge Road gates. Families travelling by car should use the Coach and Horses car park and avoid parking on Dock Lane. The bus layby on Wilford Bridge Road must not be used as this is currently needed for staff parking. Blue Badge holders and registered school transport can use the school car park for drop off and collection.

It is important that social distancing measures continue to be followed when on site. These include:

  • Children must be dropped-off and collected by their own parent or an identified member of their childcare support bubble where applicable.
  • Only one adult per family will be allowed on-site and siblings not attending Melton School should not accompany parents unless absolutely necessary.
  • Family groups must remain in close contact at all times and must not mix with other family groups.
  • All adults and high school age children entering the school site must wear a face covering unless medically exempt.

In the event that a child is anxious upon arriving at school, please step to one side and have a quiet encouraging word with them. Unfortunately, our staff will be unable to help as much as they would normally.

Children will remain in class bubbles for the vast majority of the school day and we will implement staggered lunch and break times. As a result, some whole-school activities will need to be delivered in an alternative way and we are intending to make use of technology to deliver some assemblies remotely. Older children will be expected to socially distance from one another within their year group where possible but, within their classes, school life will return more closely to normal.

As there is the expectation for all children to return to school, class teachers will no longer provide home learning provision for children. We understand that some parents and children, after such an extended break, will be anxious about the return to school. Please be reassured that the experiences of children returning to school so far have been overwhelmingly positive. We will be weaving regular support sessions into the school day to help children to readjust to school life and to support their wellbeing. Staff will work with the children to ease their anxieties and to support their understanding of the current situation. As part of our full reopening plans, we will have a remote learning package ready in the event of any disruption to learning caused by individual, family or bubble group isolation.


The children will not be permitted to bring items from home into the school unless absolutely essential for their wellbeing. They must not bring bags, book bags or pencil cases. Children can bring a coat, lunch box (if required) and a water bottle (use of the water fountains will not be permitted).

Children are expected to wear their normal school uniform except on days when they have PE. On these days, the children should come to school wearing their PE kit. Children are allowed to wear additional clothing to keep warm in ventilated classrooms (e.g. gillet).

Children will be provided with all the resources needed to complete activities. Where possible, these will remain in the child’s workspace and children will not be asked to share resources.

  Wrap Around Care

We will be running Breakfast Club (from 7:45am) and After School Club (until 5.45pm) with entry and exit via Wilford Bridge Road. The last entry time for Breakfast Club will be 8.30am and earliest collection for After School Club will be 4pm.  You should be able to access the school car park for Breakfast and After School club drop-off.

All children will enter via the double doors between the kitchen and the Rainbow Room. Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 will be situated in the Rainbow Room and children from Key Stage 2 will be in the hall. There will be a doorbell outside the entrance.

Questions you may have…

Can my child return to school before Monday 8th March?

No. The Government has given this date as a safe time to reopen schools for all children. To enable staff to prepare, we will also not be accepting any new requests from children of critical workers before this date.

 Why are all the year groups not starting at the normal time?

This is to ensure we have space on the school site for families to maintain social distancing.

I have been allocated Yellow Group but I need to pick my daughter up at 3.30pm, can this be arranged?

Unfortunately, no. To keep the children safe in school and to meet the Government guidelines on social distancing, staggered drop-off and pick-up times are necessary and must be adhered to.

Will the classrooms be different to normal?

Yes, the classrooms will look quite different. Many resources have been removed and the tables have been arranged to face the front.

 Where should I park for drop-off and pick-up?

We are recommending that you park in the Coach and Horses car park. We also ask that you don’t arrive before your scheduled time to help us to maintain effective social distancing. Please do not use Dock Lane or the bus layby on Wilford Bridge Road. Blue Badge holders can use the main school car park.

If my child arrives late for school will they still be allowed in?

Yes. You will need to take them to the Main Entrance and ring the bell.

Will school meals still be provided?

Yes. All school meals now need to be ordered through Parent Pay. You should have received details how to do this. Due to the introduction of a remote pre-ordering and payment system, we can now offer a jacket potato alternative.

 Can my child wear a face mask in school?

We are asking you to follow the government guidance that face masks are not required for primary school aged children and we will ask children not to wear them. Staff will wear face shields when working closely with the children and masks in communal spaces.

Will I be fined if my child doesn’t return to school?

Yes. The Government has made it clear that there will be an expectation for all children to return to school. Unauthorised absence will result in a fixed penalty notice.

If my child has to isolate, will school provide work?

Yes. Where a child, family or bubble group is required to isolate, school will reintroduce our remote learning offer.

If I choose to keep my child at home, will school provide work?

No. The Government has made it clear that there will be an expectation for all children to return to school. School will not provide work for unauthorised absence.

I hope that you find this information helpful in preparing your child for returning in March. Full details of our operating procedures will be sent out to parents at the end of next week.

Keep safe and well